Zach Wilson’s Mets jersey has SNY’s Keith Hernandez confused

A backwards hat worn to the Mets-Cardinals game on Thursday didn’t disguise Zach Wilson, but the Jets quarterback’s jersey did have Keith Hernandez mixed up.

SNY reporter Steve Gelbs had hilarious commentary about Wilson when the former first-round pick was spotted sitting behind home plate, rocking a custom Mets jersey with his name on the back.

“Will he talk to you Steve?” Hernandez asked during the third inning, as an SNY camera focused on Wilson.

“Yeah guys, I think I’m going to let him be, a little bit, today” Gelbs said, sitting back in his seat at Citi Field.

Gelbs’ response prompted laughter from the broadcasters.

“Ahh, he likes the ‘Mook’,” Hernandez said about the quarterback’s custom jersey, in reference to Mets legend Mookie Wilson.

“Keith, either that, or it’s his own name,” Gary Cohen replied.

“Well, I didn’t see the number,” Hernandez said.

Wilson has been all over the New York sports scene as of late. He went wild celebrating the Rangers’ Game 7 win over the Penguins on Sunday at the Garden.