Wild video captures brawl on Southwest Airlines flight


Crazy movie captures a passenger aboard a Southwest Airlines flight assaulting a fellow pilot – lashing out at him and putting him in a headlock for crashing “aggressively” into his wife.

The brawl broke out on a flight from Dallas to Phoenix on Monday when the attacker, who was with his wife and children, accused a heavily tattooed man of being aggressive. WFAA reported.

The video shows the unhinged father attacking the other man as other passengers try to separate them, yelling “Don’t hit him again”, “Let him go” and “Stop it now”.

But the attacker flies off the handle.

“You ap–, you ap–,” he yells at the victim.

The woman who recorded the fight told Fox News Digital that when the tattooed passenger accidentally bumped into the man’s wife “he started grumbling”.

A Southwest Airlines passenger confronts another man who apparently ran into his wife on a flight from Dallas to Phoenix.
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She told the outlet that the father hit the other man “four to five times” before she started recording the action.

After things settled down a bit, the attacker claimed that his victim was “aggressively” approaching his family.

“I’m going to jail for approaching my family. I will die for my family,” he says in another video. ‘Don’t play with my family! That’s why I’m beating you up!”

The attacker throws punches at the other man
The unhinged man throws punches at the heavily tattooed passenger.
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Witnesses said both men were escorted off the plane, but Dallas police said no one had been arrested, according to Fox News Digital.

“We commend our crew for managing the situation like safety professionals while also ensuring the comfort of the other passengers in the cabin,” a Southwest representative told The Post in an email on Wednesday.

“We have no further details to share other than that the flight arrived on time and on schedule,” the statement added.

The attacker puts the victim in a headlock
He then puts him in a headlock while other passengers try to separate the two men.
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Southwest made other headlines in recent days.

Passengers on a flight from Havana, Cuba, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, were forced to evacuate on Sunday after a bird strike caused smoke in the cabin.

The Boeing 737, carrying 147 passengers and six crew members, landed safely back in Havana.

And two days earlier, a passenger aboard a flight from Maryland to North Carolina passed out due to turbulence, while others vomited.

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