‘War’s turning point soon’: Russia to run out of ammunitions by end of spring, claims Ukraine intel chief


Image source: AP Ukrainian soldiers fire a mortar into the frontline near Bakhmut.

Russia-Ukraine War: Russian troops are wasting massive amounts of manpower, armaments and equipment in the ongoing war against Ukraine, but they will soon run out of ammunition “very soon,” Ukrainian military intelligence chief Kyrylo Budanov claimed.

Speaking to USA Today, Budanov claimed the aggressor will likely run out of ammunition by late spring. However, he did not elaborate to substantiate his claims. According to the intelligence chief, the “imminent” battle will be the decisive one, adding that it would determine the fate of both nations. He claimed that the Spring Struggle would be a “turning point”.

Russia could run out of money next year’

Earlier last week, a Russian oligarch made a big claim claiming Moscow would run out of money by 2024. According to outspoken Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, the country would plunge into a further economic crisis if it does not attract foreign investment.

“There won’t be any money next year already, we need foreign investors,” CNN quoted the oligarch as saying at an economic conference in Siberia on Thursday. His remarks came nearly a week after Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed the country’s economy was performing “well” despite the fact that the country has been facing multiple sanctions imposed by the Western and European Union for more than a year.

Russia’s budget deficit rises by more than $23 billion

The contradictory statement from the Russian chief came despite knowing that economic output contracted by 2.1% last year. Several economic experts claimed that the trend would continue even this year.

It is worth noting that since Moscow launched a full-fledged war against Kiev, the United States and the EU imposed sanctions on the country’s nuclear industry (energy), resulting in a contraction of the economy. Over the past year, Moscow’s government revenues fell by 35% while expenditures rose by 59%, leading to a budget deficit of about 1,761 billion rubles ($23.3 billion).

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