Tom Brady not joining Fox ‘any time soon’ as NFL rumors swirl


One of Fox Sports’ biggest broadcasters has questions about how soon Tom Brady will join the network.

On Tuesday’s episode of his FS1 show, Colin Cowherd spoke about recent rumors Rich Eisen heard at the NFL Scouting Combine last week that Brady could potentially retire for a second off-season.

“Someone outside this building I trust told me a few weeks ago, ‘I don’t think Tom Brady will be a broadcaster any time soon. I think he wants to play,” said Cowherd.

“Brady set a number of different records, attempts and completions last year, at the age of 45. So many people stumble to the end; Not Elway, not Derek Jeter, Kobe Bryant scored 61 in his last game as a Laker,” Cowherd continued.

Earlier this week, Eisen painted the Dolphins as a likely landing spot given longstanding questions about quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s health, plus the fact that Brady’s ex-wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, owns a home there.

Cowherd felt that the 49ers would be another plausible destination.

“Brady can still swing it. He’s not as good as he was, but don’t forget the attack was built in San Francisco. Are you smart? Can you throw the ball accurately? Can we pay you a good salary but not break the bank if we want to keep these guns? said Cowherd.

Cowherd also referenced Brady’s performance on his show last month when the legendary quarterback flipped over and groaned, refusing to give a definitive answer after the host asked him if he was retired for good this time.

“People that day told me, ‘I loved the Brady interview, but he gave you a vague answer about retiring.’ I went back and looked at it and thought, ‘Yeah, it used to be kinda vague,” Cowherd said.

It was on Cowherd’s show that Brady announced he would be taking a gap year between the NFL and broadcasting.

Colin Cowherd doesn’t expect Tom Brady to join Fox Sports “any time soon” as rumors circulate that the quarterback may be retiring.

Brady, who announced his second NFL retirement in early February, has been enjoying time with his family since leaving football.

In fact, the seven-time Super Bowl champion joked Tuesday in response to Eisen’s first scoop that he doesn’t have enough time left to play again given his recent kitten adoption.

Brady signed a 10-year deal worth a total of $375 million last offseason to join Fox Sports following his retirement from the NFL.

He will eventually join play-by-play caller Kevin Burkhardt, who currently partners with Greg Olsen, who has excelled in the league this season, including Super Bowl 2023.

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