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Image source: PTI/REPRESENTATION (FILE). Rahul Gandhi accuses BJP of Indian democracy structure, says ‘Media, judiciary, parliament all under brutal attack…’

Rahul Gandhi on Indian DemocracyCongress leader Rahul Gandhi claimed on Saturday (March 4) that the structures of India’s democracy are under brutal attack and talks are underway within the opposition to unite around an alternative vision for the country. The former Congress president also claimed that the recent tax investigation action against the BBC was an example of vote suppression across the country. trying to silence the country.

“The reason the yatra became necessary is because the structures of our democracy are being brutally attacked,” Gandhi told reporters at an India Insights event organized by the Indian Journalists’ Association (IJA) in London. “The media, the institutional frameworks, the judiciary, parliament are all under attack and we found it very difficult to get the people’s voice heard through the normal channels,” he said.

“The BBC has now found out, but it has been going on non-stop in India for nine years. Everyone knows that journalists are being intimidated, attacked and threatened. The journalists who follow the government’s line have been rewarded.

So it’s part of a pattern and I wouldn’t expect anything else. When the BBC stops writing against the government, everything goes back to normal. All things will disappear,” he noted.

Gandhi lamented that democratic parts of the world, including the US and Europe, failed to notice that “much of democracy has been undone”.

“The BJP want India to be silent. They want it to be quiet…because they want to be able to take what is India’s and give it to their close friends. That’s the idea, to distract the population and then the wealth from India to three, four, five people,” he said.

BJP response to Rahul Gandhi’s statement:

Gandhi’s earlier remarks to the University of Cambridge that Indian democracy is under attack and that several politicians, including himself, are under scrutiny, prompted sharp responses from the BJP who accused him of damaging the country’s image on foreign soil after successive electoral setbacks.

“We can understand his hatred towards the prime minister, but the conspiracy to defame the country on foreign soil with the help of foreign friends raises questions on the agenda of the congress,” Anurag Thakur, the minister of information and broadcasting, said. reporters in Delhi. on Friday (March 3). Thakur said Gandhi was aware of the electoral defeat faced by the Congress in the parliamentary elections and that he had resorted to accusations from foreign soil.

“Once again Congress lost in the election, but their bankruptcy became apparent when they missed no opportunity to defame foreign-grown India,” Thakur said. Asked about Congress and opposition plans for the next general election, Gandhi said the battle at the polls is not just between political parties, but against institutions as there is “no level playing field” in Indian politics.

“Talks are going on between the opposition parties, I know many. The basic idea that the RSS and the BJP must be fought and defeated is deeply entrenched in the minds of the opposition. There is no doubt about that,” he said.

“There are tactical issues that require discussion…but it is important to understand that the opposition in India is no longer fighting against a political party. So the idea of ​​a level playing field does not exist because the institutions are not neutral,” he said.

Gandhi is in London as part of a week-long lecture tour as a visiting fellow at the University of Cambridge and will interact with the Indian diaspora this weekend.

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