Ohio residents sheltered in place after another train derailment


Ohio residents have been ordered to shelter in place on Saturday after another Northern Suffolk train went off the rails.

The 212-car train derailed on Ohio 41 near the Prime Ohio Business Park in Springfield at about 5 p.m. said the Clark County Emergency Management.

About 20 of the train’s boxcars fell off the rails as it passed through the city.

A Northern Suffolk train derailed Saturday in Springfield, Ohio.

A spokesperson confirmed to The Post that Northern Suffolk — the same rail company involved in the tragic derailment in eastern Palestine that contaminated 1.1 million gallons of water and 15,000 pounds of soil — was operating the derailed train.

“No hazardous materials were involved and no injuries were reported,” the company said.

However, hazmat crews were seen on site, WHIO reported.

Derailed train lies next to water.
Hazmat crews reportedly arrived on the scene.

Saturday’s crash occurred about 500 kilometers southeast of eastern Palestine, where residents are sickened by the toxins leaked last month.

Residents within 300 feet of the derailment have been asked to stay indoors “as a precaution”.

Officials reported multiple power line failures, leaving as many as 500 Springfield customers without power. according to First Energy.

Derailed train lies next to water.
There were no injuries in the crash.

Several roads near the accident were closed.

Clark County did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

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