Logan Paul went to WWE WrestleMania ring with $5M Pokémon card

Logan Paul made his WWE WrestleMania entrance Saturday night with millions of dollars around his neck.

The YouTube star didn’t have traditional jewelry on, however. The 27-year-old had the most expensive Pokémon card in existence hanging from a gold chain, a Japanese Pikachu Illustrator card from 1998 graded “Gem Mint 10” by PSA.

, Paul acquired the card in a trade that valued the card at $5.275 million, trading a PSA 9 version of the same card plus $4 million to get the only PSA 10 Pikachu Illustrator in existence. PSA’s price guide values the card at $6 million.

There were reportedly only 39 copies of the card given out by CoroCoro Comic in 1998 illustration contests in Japan.

Paul showed off the card as he wrestled in his first WWE match, teaming with The Miz to defeat Rey and Dominik Mysterio. The Miz turned on Paul and attacked him after the match.


When Paul returned to the locker room he was given a certificate by Guinness for “the most expensive Pokémon trading card sold at a private sale.”

“I applied for so many records and the fact that I finally got one after my first [WWE] win ever? I come back to the locker room and I get a second win right away?” Paul told the Guinness World Records website.

For his boxing exhibition against Floyd Mayweather in June, Paul walked to the ring with a rare first edition, base set Charizard card, graded “Pristine 10” by Beckett, around his neck.

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