Jay-Z, Rihanna surprise ‘amazing’ seniors who recreated Super Bowl Halftime Show


Everything turns out roses for these seniors, who have new fans in Jay-Z and Rihanna.

After a group of ladies at the Arcadia Senior Living facility in Kentucky went viral on TikTok for their relaxation of Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime performance in 2023, Jay-Z rewarded them with a delivery of red roses, an insider confirmed to The Post.

“We love the Tik Tok here at Roc Nation!” read the artist’s card, as shown in photos of the beautiful bouquet placed by the facility on his Facebook page last week.

The music empire of the “On to the Next One” singer, Roc Nation, previously signed a partnership with the NFL in 2019.

But Jay-Z wasn’t the only one who surprised them – Rihanna herself also sent a bouquet of white roses, which they revealed on their Facebook page too.

After their viral video, Jay-Z sent the ladies a bouquet of red roses.
Arcadia Senior Life Facebook

"We love the Tik Tok here at Roc Nation!" Read Jay-Z's card.
“We love the Tik Tok here at Roc Nation!” Read Jay-Z’s card.
Arcadia Senior Life Facebook

“We were thrilled to receive them,” Paige Oakes, director of community relations at Arcadia Senior Living Facility, told The Post by phone Monday afternoon.

“The fact that we know that Rihanna saw the video and loved watching them dance to her music just blew us away,” continued Oakes.

The inscription on her card said their group dance was “awesome.”

Oakes explained that they received them just when they thought the video was dying out, which made them all the more excited.

The video has now been viewed more than 30 million times on the social media app.

The Post has reached out to representatives for Jay-Z and Rihanna for comment.

Super Bowl halftime champion Rihanna sent a bouquet their way.
Super Bowl halftime champion Rihanna sent a bouquet their way.
Arcadia Senior Living Bowling Alley/Facebook

Rihanna called their performance "astonishing."
Rihanna called their performance “amazing.”
Arcadia Senior Living Bowling Alley/Facebook

The viral video, posted just days after Rihanna’s first Super Bowl show, showed the lithe ladies recreating the part of the segment where she performed the 2010 hit “Rude Boy.” The TikTok opened with a handful of women dressed in all-white — a nod to the star’s backup dancers, who donned puffy white suits during the event.

As all the white-clad ladies moved out of the way in a domino effect, the end of the 12-second clip revealed Dora Martin, 87, dressed from head to toe in red, just like Rihanna herself during the performance. . Martin lip synced into a microphone while pretending to be the famous singer.

The caption to their TikTok post jokingly read, “Our halftime show > Rihanna’s halftime show 💃🪩🏈🤍🎶🎤.”

The women in the senior residence put their own spin on Rihanna's Super Bowl Half Time show in 2023.
The women in the senior residence put their own spin on Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime show in 2023.

Finally, the ladies stepped aside to reveal their own "Rihanna."
Finally, the ladies stepped aside to reveal their own “Rihanna.”

In an earlier interview with The Post, some of the ladies revealed that they were “fortunately roped” into making the video by two young employees who worked at the facility.

The video attracted a lot of attention from TikTokers and fans alike, who left witty comments calling for the ladies to create more content on the platform.

“Omg I love this and these ladies are making more,” one fan wrote.

It seems they may be doing just that. Last week the residential center posted a short clip of resident Martin and two others chuckling and fake preening over a snippet of Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now.”

Another added: “I love the ladies and the workers who help them stay so active and creative!❤️😉.”

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