Holi 2023! Ishita Dutta: This year I`ve decided to order gujiyas and malpuas


Actress Ishita Dutta, who recently starred in Ajay Devgn co-starrer ‘Drishyam 2’, shared her fond Holi memories with mid-day.com.

What are the earliest memories of celebrating Holi that come to mind?

I was the only one in my family who enjoyed playing Holi. My mother, father and sister stayed home while I went out with friends and played with the other children in the colony. We had a pond filled with water that we all went in and then threw color at each other. My mother put oil on my hair and face so that the color would come off easily. Back in Jamshedpur, Holi was grand, so my dad’s colleagues invited us for dinner and we would visit 2-3 houses. I still remember the malpuas and gujiyas, sweets were a big attraction.

Crazy experiences related to bhaang?

As a child I didn’t have bhaang and thandai my focus was always on the sweets. Growing up, I didn’t play Holi that much because I have sensitive skin, but last year I celebrated it with family.

Your favorite color and why?

When it comes to Holi, red is my favorite color to play with.

Delicacies or special food prepared at your home for the festival?

As I said before, we were invited to dinner parties so we didn’t make sweets at home, but gujiyas and malpuas are my favorite. Also this year I decided to order gujiyas and malpuas, although I don’t play Holi because I have a shoot.

Favorite Holi song to dance to and why?

There are so many songs but ‘Rang Barse’ is stuck in my head because it is so popular and played at every Holi party.

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