Chris Russo erupts at Stephen A. Smith during ESPN argument

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means.

It’s time for Stephen A. Smith and Chris Russo to duke it out on ESPN’s “First Take,” preferably arguing over things that are unprovable and may or may not matter.

In this week’s edition, Russo was tasked with naming his all-time five greatest North American professional sports franchises, and he came up with the Canadiens, Celtics, Steelers, Packers and Yankees.

It would be boring if this list came and went without any dissent, and Smith was up for the task of finding a discrepancy in how he would have made the rankings.

Good old fashioned sports debate ensued.

Smith argued that the Lakers belonged on the list over the Packers, saying the team has won just two Super Bowls after Vince Lombardi, and two with him — disregarding Green Bay’s pre-Super Bowl era championships in the process — while counting titles on the Lakers’ ledger that they won when they played in Minneapolis.

Russo, meanwhile, yelled “VINCE LOMBARDI” in the middle of Smith’s arguments, and barked that it was “NOT FAIR” to count the Lakers’ five championships from Minnesota to get them to 17 overall. Suffice to say, he did not believe these titles put them on the level of the Celtics.